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Ann Wolf

Ann Wolf, known on the trail as Greeter Two, for her friendly greetings and suggestions, is a semi-retired, very busy and active senior. Greeter Two is a breast cancer survivor, class of 2016, who refuses to settle down, opting instead to pursue her love of hiking, running and backpacking with dreams set to complete more of the Appalachian Trail, stopping when it no longer is fun or feasible. Follow Ann on Instagram @annwolf123.

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Ashley Fleming

Ashley and her husband Matt love to hike, camp, and fish in their home state of Michigan.  When they aren’t working, the Flemings escape into the woods whenever they have time. They document their journeys on their YouTube channel (including a full video series from this Isle Royale trip here) and their InstagramStay tuned for their next adventure.

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Dami Roelse

Dami is a 50-plus blogger and writer, who uses her travel and hiking experiences to inspire others to make life the best it can be no matter what your age. Dami chooses to see every day as an adventure in discovering the extraordinary in the world around her.

Dami’s book, “Walking Gone Wild, How to Lose Your Age on the Trail,” explores and explains walking, hiking, and backpacking as a means to re-invigorating life for women as they age. Interlaced with stories of real women who have built confidence through walking, it presents a new model of aging with vitality, grace, and a deepened connection to life. You can read more of Dami’s blogs at

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Jill Hinton Wolfe

Wolfe is Chief Heroine of the Outdoor Book Club, and is an avid reader and outdoorswoman. She lives in Michigan with her five kids, two dogs and husband, working as a writer and public relations professor at Grand Valley State University.

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Julia Everheart

Julia Everheart is a native of Hatteras Island, North Carolina now living near the mountains of north Georgia. She is a hiker and an equestrian, and she combines her two passions by hiking with a donkey named Rusty. She loves encouraging people to get outside, especially people who don’t consider themselves “outdoorsy,” and she is an advocate for a simple life lived close to animals and nature. She blogs about horses and hiking at

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Laura Nelson

I’m a lifetime researcher in happy, healthy, fun living. I love hiking, doing yoga, and playing my violin, and did I mention eating desserts? I’m taking a summer position leading groups of young women on outdoor leadership development trips through the Pacific Northwest. In my daily life I’m a massage therapist and health coach. I’m section-hiking the PCT through Washington with my partner, Josh, a stage 4 cancer survivor. My 70-year old trail-crushing mother is my hiking inspiration.

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Leah LaRocco

“Hi there, I’m a Long Islander who lives in Franklin, Tennessee. My first love was the ocean, but growing up camping and hiking around Vermont also contributed to a deep appreciation for the mountains. Public lands are some of my favorite places to hike and Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a regular weekend getaway. I work full time, but believe dreams and passions can and should be pursued outside of the everyday 9-5. As a naturalist, I hope to convey how incredibly healing the woods, water, and wildlife can be when we make the choice to step outside.” Find her via her InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Website.

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Leilah Grace

Leilah Grace is a hiker and adventurer. She’s at home in the mountains or the river or the beach. You never know where she is going to turn up. She lives just outside of Philadelphia with her 4 kids and 2 kitties. You can follow her @Leilah.Grace.Adventures on Instagram.

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Lynne Davidson

An avid traveler and enthusiastic backpacker, Lynne seeks to combine both passions by saving up her free airline miles, and then searching for trails to hike around the world. Becoming a (mostly) solo hiker/backpacker a little late in life, Lynne is a 61-year old grandma who finds that solitude on a trail feeds her soul in a way nothing else really can. After thru-hiking a big chunk of the PCT in 2015, Lynne opted to leave a more lucrative career, in order to have summers & holidays off by working at a local middle school — thus enabling her more time on trails. For Lynne, time spent earning mountain views will always trump time spent earning money. Find her on Instagram @lostinthewilds, or on her blog,

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Mary Patterson

“I’m a rock formation loving dog mom, military spouse, college professor and roller derby referee. When I was a child, I hiked the Approach Trail with my family from Amicalola Falls to Springer Mountain and always wondered what it would be like to just keep going. So, 25 years later, I’m feeling called to embrace the suck, bloom where I’m planted, and take on the challenge of a thru-hike. My favorite author, Flannery O’Connor, wrote, “Be properly scared and go on doing what you have to do.” This is my mantra for the AT.” You can also find her on Trailjournals

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Melanie Alvarado

“I have been a lifelong avid hiker. After growing up in southern Germany, I moved to the US at the age of 19. I work as a Nurse Practitioner and currently live in Central California with my boyfriend and 3 dogs. My favorite activity is hiking. Recently, my most frequent hiking destination is the High Sierra.”

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Momma in the Mountains

“I’m a mountain girl through and through, raised in the Colorado Rockies. I hike, climb, run, horseback ride, swim, bike, fish, etc: my favorites being anything on dirt. Trail running has saved my life a few times over. I love traveling long distances on foot (ultra running, fast packing, and backpacking) more than any other activity.

I’m also a momma to a sweet little boy who entered this world 3 months early. Here again logging miles in the mountains saved my life and sanity. Life with a preemie is a bit difficult but we manage. I love sharing my adventures with my little man. I’ve learned lots of moms want to adventure but are afraid or don’t know where to start when it comes to adding a wee one. I hope in sharing my stories (about life in general and my adventures) that other moms can learn and hopefully realize it’s not that scary.” You can also find her via her website and Instagram @mommainthemountains.

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“Hi there, my name is “Z”, I am a queer solo female hiker from California. I run around the local ER as a nurse a few days a week. I love rock-climbing, bouldering, nerding out on DuoLingo, and being a crazy cat lady of one. I believe outside is for everyone, and I am passionate about making the wild an inclusive place for all. You can see what I’m up to on Instagram @The_Wandering_Z.”

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