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30 Days and 30 Nights: Traveling and Transformation in the Desert

“I defy my aging by going into the world and let it teach me I can climb a mountain, that I can live without the comforts of home and still be happy, that I’m not defined by relationships of family and close friends, but that I will meet others who care when I step out into that world.” Dami shares her experience from a 30 day PCT desert section hike.

Why Backpack?

“Go for fun or go for self-reflection, or set out with one intention and return having achieved a different goal altogether. It’s your trip, your hobby, your story.” Sable explores that classic question: Why do you backpack?

How Hiking Transformed my Body Image Issues

“I’m turning 40 this year and I’m having more fun than I did in my 20’s. I’m happier, more fulfilled. I have wrinkles, I’m not teeny tiny anymore, and I have pains I didn’t have before, but I gratefully accept those things because they came from a life well lived.”

Humble Beginnings

I love a good origin story. Sarah shares how she went from being dragged to national parks as a kid, to riding 150 miles on horseback across the Mojave, to her first soggy backpacking trip.

The Call of Nature

In the depths of seasonal depression, Laura applied for a long-shot dream job leading teens in the outdoors. Spoiler alert: she got the job, and now has a whole new set of challenges.