About the Author, Yvette Beetley “Mtn Minnie”: I am a 45-year-old, single woman who loves the outdoors, gardening, my dogs, photography and wine! I have lived in New Mexico for a majority of my life and recently discovered that I need to adventure more around my own state! I have one son (25 yrs old) and two dogs – a Pomeranian (8 years old) and a Chocolate Lab Mix (4 months old).

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Our start date is about 49 days away and I feel myself conjuring up fears! OMG! NO! I do not want to have fear! I want to hike and I want to feel that dreaded feeling of having to return back to society then starting the whole planning process over. Or, who knows…quit my job and hike the whole CDT in a few months and never return! Something like that! But, nope, instead, I have fears creeping up on me.

I have been planning every single step of this section hike for the last year with hopes and prayers that I am (now “we are”) kept safe from injury, dehydration and crazy people on the trail. Even though I am attempting to account for everything, I am sure there is something I didn’t think of, something that will be a learning experience like over packing, not packing enough, underestimating the amount of water needed to survive…something! I am ready for it!

I can tell you what I don’t fear first…rattle snakes and spiders and Lord knows! I do not like either so I should be afraid- they are #3 on the list! It’s on my mind but, not a fear. I’m not afraid of crawling out of my tent to find a tarantula sitting on a rock waving and looking at me with all his eyes. I’m not afraid of popping a squat only to hear the sound of a rattler as he is staring at my big ol’ butt! I’m not afraid of running out of water and feeling that parched dry tongue that everyone hates. I’m notafraid of the Kid deciding to push me into a ravine.

I am afraid of getting lost! And, I’ll get back to you on that last one of the Kid.

Being the overkill, type A personality kind of person that I am; I have downloaded Earthmate to go with my Garmin InReach Explorer+, Avenza Maps, Guthook Guide AND printed maps! I tell ya! If I get lost with all these apps and maps, please pull my Search and Rescue card.  Please do not let me get lost and have to call my people to come get me!

Then there are the thoughts of crazy people. I am not a person who watches TV, listens to the news or reads the newspaper but, I have seen on FB (my “news”) about crazy people on the trail. I just cannot wrap my mind around why someone would want to hike miles into the back-country just to hurt another person. After all, you have to prep, keep your own self alive, keep your mind right, on and on….Oh wait! maybe the whole “keep your mind right” part is what is missing. But, really, why go with that intention – there are plenty of other places for that type of f&ckery!! With that said, it has crossed my mind to carry on the trail. I do have my CC license and I go to the shooting range and I understand the responsibility of the
decision to protect myself. I shouldn’t have to go on trail hot! I should be going on the trail for the experience, to reach my goals, to spend one-on-one with the Kid –help me Jesus –I better take some rope and duct tape too!

You know what? I am not going to worry about those things. Away with those
thoughts! I have other things to worry about…like having the best time ever with my Kid!

All kidding aside, I have read articles stating that the NM section of the CDT and the CDT in general is the hardest of the 3! Here we are giving it a go. Let’s see what happens and what our next section will be – I know we now have the Grand Enchantment Trail here in New Mexico – the possibilities are endless!

Ps: I am secretly afraid of snakes and spiders!