When we first put the call out for women to join our team as writers and bloggers, we wanted to include a fun way for applicants to show their personality, so we asked them to write us a haiku about hiking or nature. We were seriously impressed with some of the submissions! You can see the first 20 here in Volume 1, and the next batch below in no particular order. Enjoy! And if you have your own haiku you’d like to share, leave it in the comments below!

Cover photo by Laura Nelson, on the Oregon Coast.  

This Kiwi
Likes hiking an awful lot. 
Bring me tea.

-Jem B.

Savor the wonder.
Explore. Be humbled. Connect. 
See the world anew.

-Dierdra V.

The wind against my back, star gazers ahead.
Peace within my heart. 
Seems like a good place to start.

-Stephanie B.

Two feet entangled
In a web of mountain trails 
Set a woman free

Leah L.

Splish splosh splish splosh splish
Feet connect with the forest floor 
On a rainy day

-Marcy P.

Photo by Leah LaRocco, on the AT in Massachusetts

Dreaming of ice cream
Freeze-dried food rehydrating-
Almost to Pine Grove

-Katrina Z.

Advance on the rocks
Click click click echos fall down
Tiny pebbles slide

-Melissa F.

I get off the couch
I put on my boots one at a time
I walk out the door one step at a time
I hike in the woods one mile at a time
I find my rhythm one day at a time
I’m alive again

-Katey K.

Early morning dew
In glistening webs below
On paths less traveled

-Bethany D.

Peak, plains, waterfall
Shady grove, a sandy cove
I will seek them all

-Julie J.

Photo by Patrice Z, on Mt. Katahdin in Maine

I hear an owl call
I hear wind blow through the trees
Then the moon rises

-Amy J.

Hiking gifts for free:
Tanned skin, chapped lips, blistered feet,
Couldn’t ask for more.

-Kristi M.

Happily we climb 
Over the hills and miles,
Sun up be gained.

-Susanna C.

Over the mountains
Through winding hills and flat plains 
I am me again

-Paula G.

While walking outdoors
The path not greatly trodden
Eyes open and mouth closed

-Lori L.

Photo by Yvette Beetley, on the CDT in New Mexico

Stuck in the office
typing, smiling, laughing, but
yearning for mountains

-Josephine D.

Hiking a trail,
Prarie, pines, and turkeys to see.
So much more awaits me

-Katherine T.

As silence enters
My heart fills gently with joy
As I walk alone

-Tiffani P.

Time on the trail brings
Quiet, happiness, and peace
Heart of the world

-Holly W.

Hiking in the Wild
Women on top of mountains
What could be better!

-Kristen F.

Photo by Amy Banuelos, in the White Mountains, New Hampshire