More All Women All Trails swag coming soon! 

UPDATE: Sales for our limited edition Founder’s Patch have now closed. Thanks to everyone who ordered one and supported All Women All Trails! We expect to ship end of July and can’t wait to see you displaying them in the wild!

Our first ever All Women All Trails patch! We’re calling this the Founder’s Patch – by purchasing one, you’re helping with the launch of this young website, as well as supporting the growth and management of the All Women All Trails Facebook community (and its 41,000+ members!). Plus, you’ll be able to identify and connect with other members out on the trails! $10 each includes tax and shipping.

About the patch – this is a 3.5″ round, embroidered patch. It will have a button hook at the top so you can hang it from your backpack or display it somewhere special. Note that it will *not* have adhesive on the back to be ironed-on. The compass is set to 11 degrees – the same heading as Mt. Katahdin in Maine, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail!

Don’t forget, this patch is limited edition and will only EVER be sold from June 21-July 4. Get yours (and one for a friend) while you can! 

Please note that the final patch may look very slightly different from the mock-up (i.e., a different font or letter spacing). We expect to be able to ship in late July and appreciate your patience!